Dorf Cards 1st Edition

How about some Dwarf Fortress themed playing cards!

This is an unofficial fan project. This is a deck of 54 cards, each card bearing unique art handcrafted to depict a scene from the game. Every card face is different; backs are all the same.

This is a limited editon run of 100 decks only. Each box is numbered. No reprints of this deck will be made, ever. This could be an affordable collectors item, or just something fun to have.

Four dorfy suits: plump hemlets, armor, gems, and goblets. Suit colours are yellow/brown and light/dark magenta to faciliate games that pair traditional red and black suits.

Standard card numbering 2-10, J, Q, K, A. Font is curses 16x16 square. Card material is high-quality German playing card stock.

$29 USD includes shipping via regular mail (no tracking) to US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, or Australia (and other countries, just ask). One price keeps things simple.

My cost is about $12 to print a deck and wrap it for shipping. Shipping, on average, costs about $7. I am donating the remaining $10 to Bay 12 Games. I will be posting financials to show costs and donation amounts.

Future editions with different fonts are planned, depending on demand, but this edition will never be reprinted. This is an unofficial fan project. Bay 12 Games is aware, but isn't involved.

How to order

Many people have been asking about a second edition. I'm planning to make one, alhtough it will be different than the first. Email me if you would like to be added to the SEPOENL (Second Edition Pre-Order Email Notification List)!

Please use the PayPal link below to buy. Make sure you include your shipping address. Email if you have any questions, if you live in a place that has expensive shipping from Canada, or if you would like to arrange an alternate payment method.

I'm currently taking pre-orders. Delivery is expected to be end of November 2018. A batch order is necessary to keep printing costs down.

Email Me


November 13: Hi Everyone, I just wanted to update that the donation has been made. I sold 96 decks (2 were given to Toady One and Three Toe, and I kept 2). So, that's $960 as promised, but I rounded up to an even $1000. It wounld't have been possible without you guys! Thank you and I hope you enjoy the cards!

Also, if you sent me an email about the list (aka the SEPOENL) for the second edition, rest assured you are being added to the list. I will start on the second edition just as soon as stuff at my day job cools down in a week or two.

Strike the earth!

November 4: All packages have been mailed! Hopefully you will receive them soon. I'll be making the donation to Bay 12 this week.

October 26: Action shot at Canada Post desk

October 23: Good news, everyone. We are starting to ship tomorrow. Originally it was supposed to be today, but there is a rotating postal strike that hit Toronto. It should move to another city in 24 hours (but it could come back). So if you got an email from PayPal saying that your cards are shipping today, unfortunately it will actually be tomorrow. If the strike gets worse, I'll consider an alternate shipping option.

If you haven't already given me your PHONE NUMBER, please do so. I need a recipient phone number to ship outside of Canada. Thanks!

Dorf card decks, waiting to be packed:

October 16: I need your phone number to be able to ship your cards! If you ordered a deck, please email me your phone number. Canada Post needs this. So far I've received phone numbers from 75% of supporters. PayPal does not provide phone numbers to me, so if you haven't emailed me your phone number I don't have it! Thanks.

October 12: The big order has been made! I expect to receive the decks from the printer on October 23. After that, a few days of boxing and mailing to all of you wonderful folks. Armok be praised! You see the costs below for both the cards and shipping materials.

October 4: Many people have been asking about a second edition. I'm planning to make one, alhtough it will be different than the first. Email me if you would like to be added to the SEPOENL (Second Edition Pre-Order Email Notification List)!

September 29: Nearly completely sold out! The order button is now permanently disabled to prevent selling more than 100, but if you want a deck email me and I'll let you know if any are available. SOLD OUT! Sorry folks, that's it for the limited run. If you've already emailed me, I will answer as soon as I can to let you know if you got one or not. Demand has been amazing and I am planning another printing, but it will be a different version.

September 28, late: We're almost fully sold. I'll be disabling the order button soon so we don't oversell. I'm temporarily removing the Order Now button to make sure we don't oversell. Check back in a day.

September 21: The last prototype has arrived in Vancouver, which is not where I am. It should be in Toronto next week, Canada Post willing. This is the last cardstock I'm going to test before making a final decision. We have been shuffling the other prototypes, bending them, tearing them in half, and looking at the colors under various lighting conditions to ensure that you all get the best possible quality dorf cards. No joke. I'll post a photo when the last prototype arrives, and I'll be making the big order for all of your cards shortly after that. We're still not 100% sold, but we have enough funds to make the big order, so spread the word if you can!

September 14: We're 40% sold now. I'll be finalizing the box art in the next couple days. Up till this point I'd assumed it would just be the default white boxes. But that's not very dorfy at all! I think it will turn out well. And there will be another small surprise as well. Nothing major, just a bit of fun.

September 10: Wow! We are 25% sold already. Thanks everyone! The third prototype order was shipped by the printer today. I should receive it in a couple of weeks and then once I confirm that the card and print quality is good, I will place this order. Watch this space for updates or feel free to email.